1. Place donation in a white unsealed envelope in clear view for me to see. If we're meeting in a public place donation can be placed in a card or gift bag. Any online transactions MUST be completed before any meeting.

2. Follow my lead. There's no need for you to try to assert your dominance. Do NOT try me!

3. Communication is key. Not responding, explicit language, discussing services, lying, offensive behavior, etc. are all quick ways to get blocked and end up on my 'Blacklist.' There is no way off this list.

4. DO NOT offend me with low balling, negotiations, requesting specific services, or offering me drugs. 

5. GFE services CANNOT be "bought" so don't try to bribe me. (NO lfk, dfk, fiv, bbj, cim, etc.) Please UrbanDictionary  these terms if you are unfamiliar. NOT INTERESTED! 

6. DO NOT send me fake pictures or false information. I'm very well seasoned and can spot a fake from a mile away. You will be exposed.

7. Make sure you are bathed, teeth brushed, and wearing deodorant.

8. Remember 'NO' means exactly that. Any aggressive behavior towards the princess will cause me to immediately terminate all interaction.

9. Plan ahead. Screening can take around 30-60 minutes depending on how busy I am or how difficult you are. 

10. I do not provide any free services and do not casually socialize or date my clients.

11. Don't overstay your welcome. Additional time can be added for extra donation if you wish. Time begins upon arrival.

12. Don't ask to meet for dinner, drinks, or coffee without planning to compensate for my time. It is in poor taste and is the biggest turn off.

13. You are not compensating me for any activities, but strictly for my time. This means my normal going rate will still apply regardless of what we did or didn't do.

14. Use your brain. This isn't rocket science and I'm not a babysitter that's here to hold your hand.